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Falcon Industries is a machine shop specializing in CNC and conventional machining of a wide variety of metals and plastics. We manufacture a number of air and hydraulic cylinders to specifications provided by our customers. Our most popular products are our repairable air cylinders for belly (bottom) dump and end dump trailers.

Air Cylinders for Belly (Bottom) Dump Trailers

Providing Proven Reliability
and Serviceability Haul After Haul
Retro-Fit kits

Falcon Air Cylinders are lightweight but durable cylinders that open and close the hopper gates on belly (bottom) dump trailers as well as unlatch and lift the tailgate on end dump trailers day after day, year after year. Falcon manufactures the air cylinders used on many commercial belly (bottom) dump trailers or end dump trailers and can retro-fit these air cylinders to fit most trailers.

repairable cylinder parts

Falcon Benefits:

  • Tested and proven reliability with dependable service on hundreds of trailers.
  • Easy to repair and replace.
  • Falcon Air Cylinders allow for replacement of individual parts and seals.
  • Composite barrel material eliminates corrosion, pitting and electrolysis which should increase the seal life.
  • Falcon Air Cylinders for belly (bottom) and end dump trailers have been especially developed to be rugged yet lightweight.
  • Falcon can retro-fit air cylinders to fit most belly (bottom) dump trailers and end dump trailers.

Questions you should ask yourself about those old, worn cylinders.

  • Would new seals stop the leaks and make the cylinders function correctly?
  • How much time and money will repairs cost?
  • Are all the seals for rebuilding the cylinders readily available?
  • Is there enough corrosion and / or wear that new seals will not seal or fail prematurely?
  • How much lost time can I afford due to old worn cylinders?
  • Is it safe to use those old cylinders? Will the D.O.T. agree with my judgment?
  • Would new dependable cylinders make this a good, usable trailer?

A few simple measurements will allow us to adapt Falcon Air Cylinders to your belly (bottom) dump trailer or end dump trailer. Click here for a printable diagram showing you how to take the measurements (use the "Back" key on your browser to come back). If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

For replacement and repair of air cylinders call (719) 384-2222 or click here to order.






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